4 Things to Do in Royal Tunbridge Wells

english breakfastIf you are looking to get out of London and experience the English countryside, Royal Tunbridge Wells may be the place for it. A big affluent town, Royal Tunbridge Wells is becoming more famous as a go-to destination for people who just want to chill for the weekend.

The following are among the things you can do in Royal Tunbridge Wells should you make your way there soon:

Experience English cuisine like no other

A population of 50,000 people (and not counting the tourists) must eat somewhere, right? There are many restaurants in Tunbridge Wells that cater to a wide range of tastes. English cuisine is especially popular among locals and tourists.

Visit the historic sites

Many gardens and mansions in this small town are historic. Amongst the most popular sites to visit is the Scotney Castle. This castle was built as early as the 14th century and has become a home for a while for former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when she was trying to get away from life in Westminster. The Bayham Old Abbey, Groombridge Place Gardens and the Parish Church of King Charles the Martyr are also famous spots here.

Go on a self-drive tour

Of course, you would love to get to your destinations fast. Several touring companies offer a self-drive option in Tunbridge Wells.

Have a family day at the Bewl Water

Bewl Water is a reservoir in Royal Tunbridge Wells, but is also a place where families get together on weekends for picnics and other activities.

All these things are reason enough for you to visit Royal Tunbridge Wells soon. It is the quintessential small English town that many of us see in movies due to the classy look that visitors notice when they arrive. Start planning your next trip soon.