Turning Up The Romance: Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Glasses of Wine and RosesWhen your relationship reaches the milestone, it’s time to pull out all the stops and celebrate your anniversary. It is, after all, a remarkable feat worthy of recognition. The question for many though is: how do you celebrate an anniversary? The answer is, of course, with lots of romance. Here are some ideas you could try to commemorate the occasion:

Start a New Tradition

Your anniversary is the perfect time to start something new that the both of you could enjoy annually. It could be romantic as watching the sunset together. Or as simple as writing the year’s memorable experiences on a journal. It could be anything as long as it’s something both of you genuinely enjoy and commit to in the years to come.

Book a Vacation

If you can go the extra mile, why not plan a vacation overseas? It turns a one-day anniversary into a long celebration — and if you do it right, it’ll surely be taking a whole photo album. There are lots of destinations you can choose from in Asia alone. There’s no shortage of good places to go to. For instance, book tickets for a memorable date in Singapore’s Sentosa Merlion. Go on a food trip to enjoy the amazing street food in Taiwan, or go backpacking in the Philippines.

Indulge Yourselves

Had a particularly busy year? Well, take the chance to relax on your anniversary. You earned it, so make it count! Book a couples’ massage, shop together, or maybe watch a movie you both enjoy while cuddling on the couch. Give a gift that will capture all the happy memories you’ve made.

You just spent 365 days with your partner — and that’s something worthy of celebration. Let go of your hesitations and make it an occasion you both won’t forget. Enjoy it and spread the love.