Things You Probably Don’t Know About Hops

beer tastingWho doesn’t enjoy sitting back on a chair and opening a bottle of beer after a long day at work? Perhaps you do this frequently and you can’t get enough of it. No one can blame you, as beers are irresistible.

The distinct flavor of beers comes from hops, which are the flowers of a plant. Hops are among the fundamental ingredients in brewing beer. They have a bitter flavor that balances the sweet taste that comes from the malt. Many people love adding different types of hops to their beers, as this creates a unique taste. Some brewers use Amarillo and Citra, while others use galaxy hops.

Hop Havoc shares more information about this useful ingredient.

French Origins

The French were the first to discover hops sometime in 822 AD. They were also the first to add these flowers to the list of ingredients in beer brewing.


Hops plants are in the same family as the plant Cannabis, but that doesn’t mean you will get all the same effects that cannabis would give you. People would put it on their pillow in the old days to help them fall asleep. This could explain why drinking beer gives you a good night’s sleep.

Staying Fresh

While hops are well-loved for their distinct flavor, they are mainly used as preservatives to keep the beer from going stale too quickly.


Hops differ in taste depending on where they came from. They still have a shared bitterness, but the notes can come off different. For example, German hops tend to taste herbal, whereas English hops can be anywhere from spicy to fruity. American hops have widely variable flavors.

Now that you have learned some facts about hops, you can appreciate your beer more and understand how it got the flavor you love.