The B&B Experience vs. the Hotel Experience

White bedWhen it comes to accommodation, people have their personal preferences. Hotels are usually popular among business people and holidaymakers, but bed and breakfast accommodation is also fast becoming popular in various destinations as well. While hotels are plentiful and almost always have rooms available, B&Bs are cheaper. The latter also offers more privacy and more personalised service to its guests.

What makes a B&B desirable

People love their privacy. Hotels are huge and have many people booked in on any given night. This sometimes makes the privacy factor hard to achieve. On the other hand, boutique B&Bs like the Bailbrook Lodge in Bath offer personalised services since they book in fewer guests at a time. The environment is also calmer and peaceful. Therefore, when you stay at one, you get the attention you deserve.

The B&B experience

Bed and breakfast places are perfect for families going on a staycation. The can give you the relaxation you have been longing for the past few months. You get a home-like feel, complete with a breakfast meal prepared especially for you.

If you are an introvert and enjoy keeping to yourself, a B&B might also be the right place for you. The privacy is also a bonus for business people, who want to take a rest after a long day attending meetings or conferences.

If you are wondering what staying at a bed and breakfast is like, you should book your stay at one soon. Most B&Bs look like a huge home, and feel warm and inviting. The people, environment and experience will keep you coming back. So why not try out the B&B experience and find out for yourself.