Seamless Transitions: The Balayage Hair Technique

Girl with pink and purple ombre hairThe hair industry is an evolving business that has seen many changes in trends throughout history. From varying haircuts to the boom of colors and highlights, different styles have taken the lead in fashion. With bobs, pixie cuts and outrageous neon-colored hair, there are many hairdos to try, but not everyone can recreate these styles. In Denver, workshops teach Balayage, a technique returning to the fashion scene.

The Seamless Technique

The word “Balayage” has French roots, which means “sweeping” or “to sweep.” In hair styling, it refers to a method of applying highlights to create a more natural, sun-kissed look. In this technique, the stylist adds highlights or lighteners directly onto the hair to create a graduated effect. The stylist then leaves some locks with the original color to add dimension to the look. Compared to the technique of foiling, this style creates a more natural look.

With this style once again becoming more popular, many would want to try it out, and some would suggest many do-it-yourself methods to accomplish Balayage. The untrained hand may not achieve the desired effects, though, and it is highly advisable to have a professional stylist create the look for you. If you would like to learn the trick, some salons offer classes on the technique, which last anywhere from four to six hours, depending on the type of workshop you take.

The Timeless Technique

Balayage is a timeless technique that has been around for years. As the years go by, the method has been in and out of the fashion spotlight. To keep up with fashion trends without having to spend hundreds on your style every time, it would be a good idea to invest in this skill.