Learn About 3 Types of Barber Clippers

Barber styling customerThe foundation of classic haircuts is clipper cutting. Clippers are excellent tools for working on thick hair. They are ideal for short-length haircuts and are an essential tool for fade-type haircuts.

A clipper is hence a must-have for any well-equipped barber shop. When looking for barber clippers for sale, there are different types you will need to get for your salon. Here are some kinds of barber clippers on the market.

1. Detachable Blade Clippers

Professionals typically use these in cutting or trimming wet or thick hair. They are among the most powerful clippers, and their metal blades smoothly move through the hair since they have no plastic guard covering their cutting edge.

There are different blade sizes for the detachable blade clipper depending on its use. The 3 ¾ blade, for instance, cuts your hair to half an inch of its length. Hairdressers use this in long buzz, children, and tapered haircuts.

2. Adjustable Clippers

These clippers have a lever on their side, which adjusts the blade’s length. An adjustable clipper cuts hair shorter and finer in a closed position and longer and softer when open.

You can opt for plastic attachments if you want longer lengths. You could get not less than three lengths with each attachment if you adjust the clipper’s lever.

3. T-Blade Clippers

The corners of these clippers’ blades protrude from the case, allowing easy trimming of the hair’s outline around the edge ups, back of the neck, beard, and mustache. A T-blade clipper is only useful on finishes and with a blade on skin shaving technique.

It is essential to understand the particular construction of your clipper’s blade to avoid razor burns and for its proper use.

Always ensure you clean, disinfect and lubricate your clippers after every use. At the end of your workday, wash your clipper blades using a blade wash solution. This will increase their efficiency and guarantee they always cut accurately.