How to Properly Wash your Swimsuits to Make them Last Longer

a girl wearing a bikiniEvery woman wants to find the perfect swimsuit to wear when going to the beach or on a holiday. Finding the right one to fit your body shape perfectly can be a challenge, let alone taking care of your swimsuit and washing it properly.

Today, experts at will share notes on how to wash your swimsuit to make it last longer.

Wash your Swimsuit After Every Use

Your swimsuit is exposed to a lot of harsh chemicals when you use it: chlorine, sea salt and water, sweat, and sunscreen can damage it if exposed for a long time. Make sure to rinse your swimsuit after using it and wash it straight away once you get home.

Also, your swimsuit will smell bad if you keep it wet for a long time after wearing it. The smell can be difficult to get rid of, and you would probably have to wash your swimsuit twice if you do not wash it right after every use.

Do Not Put your Swimsuit in the Washing Machine

The best way to wash your swimsuit is to wash it by hand. Putting it in the washing machine can damage the fabric and the strings. It can also loosen and damage the pads if your swimsuit has some.

If your swimsuit has bright colors, chances are it will bleed in the washing machine and can run on your other clothes. You simply do not want to ruin your other clothes just for the sake of washing your swimsuit in the machine, so make sure to do it by hand instead.

Avoid Using Laundry Detergent

Some swimsuit manufacturers will tell you to use laundry detergent to wash your swimsuit, but you definitely should not do so. Laundry detergents can be harsh on spandex swimsuits and can make it fade, especially if it has a bright color to it.

No matter what your swimsuit’s color is, make sure to wash it with mild hand soap with no moisturizers in it. This will help it last longer while cleaning it thoroughly.

You should also remember to never to wring out your swimsuit, as this can loosen the fabric and the pads. Just hang it up after washing it, and you are all good!

Taking care of your swimsuit will allow you to use it for a couple of times. Good luck and enjoy your vacation!