4 Ways To Dress Up And Bare Your Shoulders

woman wearing a tube top dressMany people thought that off-shoulder tops were yet another craze that will fizzle out a while after it first hit the fashion clothing lines. Thankfully and surprisingly, that wasn’t the case. In fact, off shoulder fashion, more formally known as “Bardot style,” has taken every other form of outfit today.

It is cute, flirty, and extremely versatile that you won’t have a hard time looking for accessories to partner it with. If you are here for tips to style your off shoulder, let Cultured Apparel guide you through these outfit inspirations.

1. Romper/Playsuit

Rompers and playsuits have been around since forever, but tweaking the design with an off shoulder gives it a fresh and interesting twist. Who knows – maybe this will rekindle your love for the style you have outgrown.

2. Little Black Dress

No closet is ever complete without the trusty LBD. Take its sexiness up a notch with a little shoulder peek. Wear your Bardot LBD, match it with red high heels and a clutch, and strut to the club looking hot.

3. Floral and Colourful

Off shoulder, floral, and colourful – a combination to die for! This is something that begs to be worn in the warm summer months. Throw in a sling bag, and a casual pair of sandals and your stylish outfit to the Mediterranean is ready.

4. Bikini

Speaking of summer, the off shoulder trend has also taken over swimwear. People can’t seem to get enough of the utterly chic and cute style. Make your beach holidays fancier with an off shoulder bikini and don’t forget to throw in a fedora too!

There is a wide variety of options for off shoulders that you won’t run out of outfit ideas to explore. The cool part is that they look good on all body types. Don’t be afraid to bare your shoulders and you are sure to have fun.