Maintenance Practices for Hairdressing Scissors

Hair cutting toolsAs an expert in the hair grooming business, you can attest that among the essential tools for the job is your pair of hairdressing scissors. Investing in a quality pair, such as the Yasaka hairdressing scissors, is the first step in getting all hair grooming things right.

However, taking care of your investment is also a whole new issue that will help you to continue getting the most out of these tools. But how exactly should you take care of your scissors?


Scissors require sharpening once in a while for sharp edges, and you should get an expert for the job. The frequency of the sharpening will depend on your scissors’ quality and the rate of use. In general, you should sharpen your scissors after six months of use.


Always store your scissors when you are not using them; but, ensure you close the blades to minimise any chances of damaging the cutting edges. A protective casing is an ideal storage facility for your scissors.


Often check how well the scissors balance to determine the tension in the blades. When the tension in the scissors is loose, your scissors will fold, and that will bend hair when you use it.

On the other hand, if the tension is tight, your blades will wear faster. Thus, you should always check the balance of the scissors so that they cut the hair correctly and are gentle on your hands when using them.


Unlike other salon equipment that requires cleaning with sterilisers, scissors require gentle wiping with a soft cloth. When hair builds up on the scissors, it compromises the state of your blades and edges. Regular cleaning of the scissors also maintains the sharpness of your cutting blades for long.

High-quality scissors help you get your job done well, but you need to maintain them for maximum use. Taking care of your shears in the proper way gives you more extended service and protects the manufacturer’s warranty.