How to Find the Right Barber Scissors

barber scissorsAsk any hairdresser or barber what their most important equipment is, and they would likely tell you that it is their barber scissors. For someone who dabbles with hairdressing or is a newbie hair stylist, buying barber scissors can be a challenge.

Scissors come in many different shapes and sizes. Buying barber scissors requires great attention to detail and an inquisitive nature. Choosing the right one is important if you want to be successful in your chosen profession. outlines the three primary considerations when buying barber scissors:

1. Size

Barber scissors are generally long because the blades need to be used along with the barber comb. These scissors need to be aligned with the side of a barber comb. This is just a general rule, though, and the size of the shears that you use depends on your personal preference. Experienced barbers recommend doing the following to get the right size of shears for your hand:

Place the finger hole at the base of your thumb and allow the tip of the blade to reach the tip of your middle finger. If it’s way past the tip, it’s probably too long. If it’s just midway the middle finger, it may be too short.

2. Dominant Hand

Once you know the right size of barber shears for you, it’s time to consider which hand you will use. It is best to buy shears for your dominant hand. Although left-handed barbers have been known to adjust to shears for right-handed people, choose a pair that feels more comfortable.

3. Cost

When you already have the details of the ideal shears for your needs, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend. Most quality scissors demand a considerable amount of money, so try and balance between price and quality.

Your barber scissors are the most important tool you have for your hairdressing career. Be sure to choose the best ones by considering these important things.