Getting Space, Getting Sales: 5 Old Belongings to Sell or Give Away

old household items and scrapsEvery day should be a fine day to clean if you’re a homeowner. After all, maintaining cleanliness would raise your home’s value. Keeping your property clean also means you get to free some space that had been filled with old belongings.

Here are some examples of old and worn items that you might find disposable and beneficial for people who need them more:


Benmores beds notes that old beds that are stored in households can be given to bed shops instead. Doing so could get you some pounds in earnings. It is ideal to sell these to bed shops who have vehicles that can pick up the item from your residence, so you would not take it to their premises anymore.


Clothes can be given away as well, but you must ensure that they are still in wearable condition. These clothes could include yours or those of children in the household.


Metal or wooden furniture that has not rusted or rotten away could be donated or sold. There could be buyers looking for furniture to resell, restore or  for another purpose. Chairs, tables, shelves or stands are common examples.


You could likewise earn space or money by selling or giving away old utensils, such as spoons, forks and knives. These are usually made of metal, which makes them sought-after items for some scrap collectors.


Like kitchen utensils, electrical appliances hold a certain value due to their metal material. Fridges, ovens, ACs, or dishwashers are good examples. Other than metal scrap collectors, you could also sell old appliances to other homeowners, as long as the items are still functional.

Homeowners who are dealing with problems such as lack of space can sell or give away their old belongings. Getting rid of these items gives you more space for future household projects.