Care Tricks for Your Cowboy Hats

Cute little cowgirlWestern-inspired hats are having a fashion comeback, as again popularized by mainstream media, particularly in Hollywood. From “The Walking Dead” to the Scarlett Johansson starrer “Lucy” and Matthew McConaughey’s “Dallas Buyers Club,” this Western fashion staple is becoming a popular style choice.

If you happen to keep a couple of cowgirl straw hats in your wardrobe and want to make a statement with them, make sure you keep them pretty and clean always by following these care and maintenance guidelines.

Decide on a Shape and Keep It

You wear Wild Wild West hats with flat brims. In the modern era, as they have become more of a fashion accessory than anything else, the brims are rolled and folded to show off an interesting style culture. Why is it important that you define what shape you want your hat to be?

Well, because you can pre-shape your hat and keep it that way to be ready anytime you need to wear it. The trick to shape your hat the way you need it depends on its type of material. Fur felt hats need some steam.

For straw cowgirl hats, however, you will not need to use anything. Just shape the brim, which way you like.

Clean Your Hat Regularly

Regular cleaning is another useful trick to help maintain the beauty of your cowgirl hat. Cleaning may pertain to simple dusting or hand washing, depending on how heavy the dirt build-up is and the kind of material.

You may also use hot steam from an iron or clothes steamer to refresh your hat, carefully reshaping it to look crisp.

Cowgirl hats are quite delicate since mishandling and improper storage can easily destroy its form. Make sure to keep it on a flat surface when not in use. Handling it is another thing. The helpful trick is to hold it by the crown.