3 Best Options for Your Broken Jewelry

Jewelry Restoration in ProcessEven with the best care, your jewelry may still get broken eventually. When that happens, it’s easy to simply put it at the bottom of your dresser door and forget all about it. But did you know there are several useful things you can do with that broken silver or gold piece of jewelry? Here are three suggestions.

Have it repaired

It’s surprising how disposable the society has become. If something wears down or gets broken, people opt to throw it away and find a replacement. True, there aren’t many people out there with the skill required to restore a broken diamond ring. However, you still can get a jewelry repair expert in Utah to fix even what seems like an impossible problem. And even if the item is broken beyond repair, at least they’ll give you an honest appraisal.

Find a buyer

If you can’t find someone to repair your jewelry or don’t feel like there’s room for it in your life anymore, then you can always find someone to buy it. Don’t worry about its state. Search online for people who buy broken jewelry and take it to them for weighing. Usually, these buyers will give you instant cash for the piece as it is.

Use it to get a loan

There are cash loan providers that accept jewelry as collateral, even if that jewelry is broken. If the piece is made of diamond, gold, or platinum, they calculate how much money you can borrow based on the value of the gem. This is a fantastic move as it means you get to keep your mementos at the end of the day.

You don’t need to subject your broken jewelry to neglect, no matter how bad in shape you think it is. If you are creative, you’ll find there are a few helpful things you can do with it.