Tattoos: An Expression and Extension of Yourself

A man getting a tattoo A tattoo is a medium of self-expression. In the olden days, a tribe’s tattoo gives them a sense of identity and belonging in a tribe. These days though, tattoos are more personalized, and there is a wide range of designs that a person can either think of himself or choose from a shop’s catalogue.

Tattoo shops here in LA offer many variations of tattoos, and there are professional artists who do amazing designs. If before it was also a common notion only inmates or celebrities have tattoos, now more people have come to realize the beauty of inking as part of their everyday life.

To be able to bring a customer’s vision to life is a great ideal for these artists. After all, a good tattoo is a commitment. Before having a tattoo, what should you consider?

What Design Do You Like?

It should be a reflection of what you think you could live with forever. But not just that, it should reflect your personality, your dreams and hopes maybe. It is definitely up to you.

What Does the Tattoo Mean to You?

A tattoo is something very personal and to wear it on your skin sends a message. Some tattoos such as the semi-colon mean it is not the end, and usually done by people who were touched by the message.

It is not always what is popular. Like mentioned above, you are going to live with a tattoo for the rest of your life, so your tattoo should be timeless.

Consider Also the Quality

There are many great tattoo artists out there; it is okay to get someone who is up and coming but make sure to do your research first. Of course, a good tattoo may come with a high price, but there are also good tattoo artists who are building their portfolio and may offer something reasonable.

In the end, it is all about you. It is your tattoo, and ultimately you will be the one to live with it forever. But remember, it is like having a lifetime commitment. It is a mode of self-expression, and it is a rare opportunity to show yourself and the world what your ideals are.