Stress Management: 6 Tips on How to Relax While at Work.

Woman relaxing on a bedEven if you love what you do, at some point, you might feel a little overwhelmed and stressed out with everything that's going on around your workplace. It could be due to the pressure of meeting a deadline or dealing with an overly demanding employer or colleague.

Short-term stress is normal and can be alleviated quickly and with ease. However, when a stressed state of mind becomes the norm for you, the toll on your physical and emotional well-being may affect your productivity at work. You'll need to find a way to deal with short-term stress before it progresses to a chronic state.

If you can't join a detox retreat at Vagabond Temple, there are still ways some ways to deal with stress and keep your calm state while at work.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Before leaving for work, make sure that you have had your breakfast. This will relax you even before you get to your workplace. A healthy breakfast is highly recommended.

Get to the workplace earlier

After having breakfast, leave for work earlier so as to avoid the rush hour. Arriving at your place early also helps you organize your day. This will increase your productivity in the morning enabling you to leave work earlier.

Get an ergonomic chair

You spend almost an entire day sitting in front of a computer. So, make sure you spend that time on comfortable office furniture and keep your body relaxed. An ergonomic chair can help you maintain your body's natural posture.

Tidy up your desk

A cluttered desk serves as a distraction, increases your stress level and causes visual pollution. However small it may be, each item on your desk is a distraction as you will be forced to think about it, so be sure to tidy up your desk. After you get in and before you leave are the best times to do so.


Leave time for comic relief, especially during those moments of high anxiety at work. For example, you can watch a silly YouTube video. These come in handy when everything seems to be too serious.

Take a nap

If you have had your lunch and still have some time left, use this time to take a nap. This can be in your car or your chair if you have a closed office. Ensure that you set your alarm though.

Remember, if the work becomes too stressful, consider giving your body some detox retreats. Feelings of moodiness and lethargy can result from a build-up of toxins in your body, after all. When you start detoxing, you will notice that you feel clearer and energized making you more productive at work.