4 Winning Tips for Hosting a Successful Pub Trivia Night

Men drinking beer in a pubPub trivia games can attract many customers and turn those slow week nights around as far as the cash register is concerned. Make this a recurring event, and your bar is sure to elevate dull evenings while driving high revenues.

Experts from the weeklyquiz.co.uk share some basic guidelines to avoid pitfalls when holding a fun quiz night at your pub.

1. Find the host with the most

Your pub quiz announcer should be charismatic and, simultaneously, systematic. Remember that the host is key to having an incredible event without any hiccups.

They should be able to move the game along while keeping things light and fun seamlessly. Do your research and consider hiring a host from a reputable quiz company.

2. Market strategically

Word of mouth is a perfect advertising strategy for pubs, but if you are just starting your quiz nights, you probably still don’t have an established customer base.

Reach a few key demographics and promote your trivia event intensely on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to draw a reasonable crowd. You can also post on local print publications or put up posters to build interest.

3. Stick to the rules

Disqualify any person or team consulting their smartphone for answers. It’s important that you discourage cheating and make it known that your pub trivia will not allow such antics. Ensure that everyone’s playing fair to keep your quizzes reputable.

4. Keep it simple

This goes for the prizes as well as the question format. From the point system to the quiz themes, make sure that all the rules and points are straightforward.

Keeping things simple doesn’t mean you have to create easy questions, as great pub quizzes must set up different difficulty levels to keep the game interesting.

Follow these tips to establish recurring quiz games you pub will be known for. It will help boost your bar’s sales on those slow week nights.