Talking Points

woman wearing a tube top dress

Many people thought that off-shoulder tops were yet another craze that will fizzle out a while after it first hit the fashion clothing lines. Thankfully and surprisingly, that wasn’t the case. In fact, off shoulder fashion, more formally known as “Bardot style,” has taken every other form of outfit today….

man smiling wearing an eyewear

Wearing the right eyewear can enhance your appearance and even improve your mood. For many people, glasses are no longer for those with weak eyesight; they are now a fashion accessory that So how does one pick the perfect frame? It depends on a lot of factors. Here are some…

woman trying on new spectacles

Glasses have evolved over the years to enhance functionality and make them more comfortable for their wearers. One of the key components of spectacles that have evolved is their frames. There are various frame options from spectacle manufacturers, and many frame designs change to fit the prevailing market needs and…